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Justin Burton


Justin is a leader with vast knowledge in project management and a focused view on providing technically accurate solutions. Justin’s experience allows him to assist the Design Team in all aspects of the project. His experience working for the City of Kansas City, Missouri provides him with unique talents which include helping to obtain building permits and certificates of occupancy, resolving building code issues, responding to plan review comments, and addressing construction deviation issues. He can review a drawing, identify the potential issues based on technical code sections, and effectively communicate the options to the designer in a clear manner. He also gives a strong presence to building officials regarding the letter of the code, and is flexible enough to understand the code’s intent and offer feasible, safe alternatives to meet the life safety aspects for occupants, the building structure, and fire fighter safety.

Jeff Bresette


The construction codes can be difficult to navigate, but Jeff has the ability to listen to his clients and understand the potential application to their design. Jeff provides flexibility to his client’s needs by developing an approach that can either be a comprehensive and detailed assessment report or a big picture analysis. He has substantial experience and expertise from the past three decades ranging from plan review and inspections as a contractor for an Authority Having Jurisdiction to a valued member of architectural and engineering design and construction teams. Jeff’s project scope as a code consultant includes rational analysis using fire modeling for exposed structural components, smoke control modeling for atriums and arenas, egress studies whether using traditional egress values, timed egress or smoke-protected assembly exiting, creating innovative performance based design approaches, performing smoke control acceptance testing, documenting Life Safety Evaluations, and general consulting on complex designs. When Jeff is not consulting, he enjoys watching soccer, exercising, cooking and cheering on local sports teams.

Don Birchler

Project Manager

Don is a registered Fire Protection Engineer in 26 states. His experience includes fire hazards analysis, life safety, and water supply analysis. He has extensive experience in the evaluation of existing fire alarm, sprinkler and special hazard systems. Don has been involved with the design of fire suppression and alarm systems for numerous new and existing commercial and industrial occupancies. He has extensive experience with power generation facilities of many types, including nuclear, fossil fuels, alternative fuels, hydroelectric and IGCC. Don’s design efforts have also included construction period services and acceptance testing. Other experience includes fire loss investigation, fire modeling, fire alarm system detailed analysis, smoke evacuation system testing/certification and education. Don has taught fire alarm design, testing and maintenance classes and Building and Life Safety Code applications for numerous audiences. He is a licensed Fire Protection Engineer meeting the requirements of the Unified Facilities Criteria UFC 3-600-01, Section 1-5 for fire protection engineering services.

Jeff Scott

Project Manager

Jeff Scott has over 30 years of experience in fire protection engineering and has been with FP&C Consultants since 2000 as an engineering project manager. His scope of engineering design and consulting experience includes design of fire alarm, mass notification and fire suppression systems, acceptance testing of life safety systems, construction management, evaluation for life safety compliance, and evaluations of special fire hazards.

He has an extensive understanding of the application of NFPA codes and standards, building codes and specific design requirements for governmental agencies and works to present all available solution options to the client.

Jeff’s engineering licensing is in the discipline of fire protection engineering and meets the requirements of the GSA and the Unified Facilities Criteria UFC 3-600-01, Section 1-5 for fire protection engineering services.

Beth Alexander

Project Manager

Beth conducts fire and life safety inspections for health care facilities. She sees all corners of the building while assisting facilities maintain compliance with the Life Safety Code and Building Code. She also reviews plans to ensure building renovations, additions, and modifications are built to code. Assisting clients with fire and life safety compliance and address their concerns along the way is her goal.

In addition to health care facility inspections, she also performs fire protection analysis on a variety of commercial and industrial properties ranging from steel mills to plastics manufacturing and warehousing to retail; fire protection system design, fire protection system testing, and presentations.

Beth earned a degree in architectural engineering from Milwaukee School of Engineering. She is a member of NFPA, SFPE, and ASHE.

Michael Koop

Project Manager

Michael has a broad engineering background in addition to his lengthy experience in the field of fire safety and building code consulting.

Michael’s experience includes performing analysis of fire and smoke hazards within assembly, business, residential, and industrial occupancies. He has developed alternate approaches to code prescribed requirements for issues such as rated separations and tenability conditions in occupied spaces within buildings exposed to potential fire or smoke hazards. He has expertise in a variety of analysis methods and tools including leading edge computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer programs. Using the FDS simulation tool and other methods, he has solved complex smoke control problems for large, underground parking garages, indoor stadiums, arenas, and atrium volumes.

Michael is a Professional member of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) and has knowledge of the International Code Series, and local variations in various jurisdictions. He is also familiar with the NFPA series of performance codes including the NFPA 101, Life Safety Code.

Arnold Wilkins

Project Manager

Arnie’s experience and knowledge with a diverse range of project types in fire suppression and project management lends to a cost-effective solution. His focus is on providing designs and responses to clients in a timely manner while keeping everything technically accurate. Arnie’s experience working in engineering, contracting, and acting fire marshal (AHJ) has provided a unique skill set and understanding of how the entire process is supposed to work. He reviews submittal information including drawings, specifications, city codes, and product data, then makes suggestions to head off possible conflicts or problems. He also understands and relates to whomever is being addressed from the private sector or public sector. His clear understanding of the intent vs the letter of the code, while keeping everyone safe with reasonable alternatives so that everyone is acceptable of the results.

Maxwell Franzen

Project Manager

Max’s diverse project experience and dedication to life safety research equip him to provide relevant code expertise that comes with a deep understanding of intent behind code provisions. As part of any team, Max strives for decisive coordination as a key to success. He can review design details, identify code challenges, and develop cost efficient solutions which facilitate a timely project schedule. His knowledge of international building codes allows him to provide strong communication with design team members and building officials alike on issues of life safety, accessibility, and usability of a building.

Lauren Barraza

Marketing Specialist

For over a decade, Lauren has contributed to the success of the firm by preparing statement of qualifications proposal submittals for new business in both the private and public sectors. She has developed a rapport with clients and built a successful relationship with our partners which is key to our business development. Lauren’s added value to the company also includes managing the daily workload, facilitating the licensing process, training and mentoring new administrative staff, creating marketing presentations and brochures, all while encouraging team spirit and unity by coordinating social events.

Lisa Hanley

Operations Manager

Lisa is a key part of the leadership team and is responsible for effective management of labor and quality control. She analyzes and improves organizational procedures to promote quality, productivity, and efficiency. As the company representative on regulatory issues, she ensures all regulatory documents are filed and monitors compliance with laws and regulations. Lisa holds the position of Facility Security Officer (FSO). She successfully carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with company policies.